Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) have been introduced to help improve the energy efficiency of buildings.
If you are selling or renting out a home, you now need a certificate by law. Since October 2008 EPCs have been required whenever a building is built, sold or rented out. The certificate provides 'A' to 'G' ratings for the building, with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'G' being the least.
Rental- Since Oct 2008 a landlord needs to provide an Energy Performance Certificate, whenever a home in the social or private sector is rented out. The EPC and recommendation report must be made available free of charge by the landlord to prospective tenant. EPCs are valid for 10 years and can be reused as required.But if there are alterations to a property or change of boiler for example then a new EPC would be recommened.

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    Sale - Since May 21 2010 EPC required for the sale of a property, HIPs will no longer be required to market a property for sale.
However, importantly the EPC remains; and it is the duty of an estate agent to ensure an EPC has been ordered before marketing of the property begins.

The Government have specified the following new regulations:

  • a new duty on the seller to secure that an energy performance certificate (EPC) has been commissioned before marketing of the property commences where no such certificate is already available

  • an EPC has been commissioned when a Domestic Energy Assessor has been instructed to prepare the EPC and the EPC has either been paid for or has given a clear undertaking to pay for it

  • a new duty on the person acting on behalf of the seller to be satisfied that an EPC has been commissioned before commencing marketing

  • a new duty on both the seller and a person acting on their behalf to make reasonable efforts to secure an EPC within 28 days

  • all of the new duties carry fixed penalties where somebody fails in the duty conferred on them by the new regulations 

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