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Tiger EPC


Terms and Conditions of Service

Tiger EPC We are not connected with or associated with any other business or activity that has or uses Tiger in its name.

General Guidelines
Tiger EPC will contact you prior to the assessment to confirm details of property. If you rent your property we will need written permission from Landlord first. I will require access to all parts of the building. Our timescale for providing an EPC is dependent on the project. We will offer timescale on project when we have relevant details. If we delay in providing you with our service as agreed then we will reduce our fee by 10%. Our fees are charged according to the complexity of the project and how quickly an EPC is required. Full details given when we have more information regarding the project. Any errors on your part for example spellings or wrong details will incur a charge.

Bank Transfer is the preferred method has secure and traceable.Cash, Cheques also accepted, as well as PayPal.
EPC only proceeds on funds being available or by prior agreement.

30 days invoice due to be paid.Starting from date of invoice.Unless otherwise arranged. 

Unpaid Invoices

Statutory demand will be served for non payment. 

Late Payment fees charged in accordance with the amended Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and the Late Payments of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002.

All refunds will be paid back in the same method of payment i.e. cheque you get cheque back, cash get cash back. No refund for documents already produced.

We do our upmost to keep your data secure and never pass to third parties unless required to has part of project or Accreditation firm require for evidence.

What your Energy Assessor will and will not do in your property during the course of the Inspection:
The Energy Assessor will
• Bring to the site all necessary equipment for carrying out the inspection.

• Inspect what is visible and readily available for examination from the property and/or nearby public property, without risk of damage to the property, or injury to the Assessor or other persons.
• Exercise all reasonable care regarding safety, practicality and the constraints of being a visitor to the property, which may be occupied.
• Inspect the loft via an inspection hatch or other safe and practical access arrangement.
• Inspect the common parts of a block of flats that adjoin the subject property.
• Take notes, photographs and measurements of the property, which will remain in his ownership.
• Make note of any area that it was not possible to inspect which would normally be covered, and the reasons why.
• Create the Energy Performance Certificate, and supply it to the client or client's agent via email, within a reasonable timescale.
• Charge a fee to the client or client's agent for carrying out the inspection and providing the Energy Performance Certificate and Recommendations Report according to the agreed arrangements.

The Energy Assessor will not:
• Move furniture, lift floor coverings or force or alter any part of the construction to make it accessible.
• Test or assess the efficiency of gas, plumbing or heating installations, or compliance with current regulations, or the suitability or condition of any chimneys.
• Research the presence, or possible consequences, of contamination by any harmful substance or gas.
• Inspect any part of the property that is not attached to and part of the property.
• Be responsible for any damage alleged to have been caused by his inspection, unless it can be shown to have been caused by his negligence or malicious misconduct.
• Be responsible for any damage to fixtures or fittings during their normal operation required for the inspection.

The client will:
• Provide such information to the Assessor as requested, which will ensure that the property falls within the scope of work that the Assessor is competent to undertake.
• Provide the Assessor with access to all parts of the property.
• Maintain control of any children and pets within the property, and advise the Assessor of any necessary precautions regarding these and any vulnerable adults who are present, for both their and the Assessor's safety.
• Ensure the premises are safe for physical inspection by the assessor and secure from unauthorised persons as far as is reasonably possible.
• Pay the fee to the Assessor or the agent according to their agreement with the agent.

• Should the inspection be cancelled by the client less than 18 hours before the scheduled appointment, the client will be liable to pay 50% of the Assessor's agreed fee.
• The Assessor will carry out the inspection at the agreed time, unless prevented from doing so by accident, illness or other unavoidable circumstance. There will be no penalty and the Assessor will then reschedule the appointment, if this is desirable to all parties. If the inspection is abandoned (except in the circumstances listed below), any money paid by the client will be refunded in full.

The inspection is also deemed to have been cancelled by the client if the Assessor, having arrived at the property, is unable to carry out the inspection for the following reasons:
• Lack of access to the property,
• The presence of a Health & Safety risk posed by the property, animals or occupants. (includes leaving the property in sole charge of persons under 16 years).
• The property is of a type that the Assessor is not competent to assess,provided this is information that could reasonably have been provided by the client or his agent prior to the arrangements for the inspection being confirmed.

Repeat visits
If it is necessary for the Assessor to make a repeat visit to the property to complete the inspection, because of inadequate access or time provided by the client on the first visit, additional fees will be levied. This secondary visit will be charged at £0.40 per mile travelled plus 50% of the originally agreed fee.

We are not VAT registered therefore DO NOT CHARGE IT and all prices are Fully Inclusive of all fees and charges.

Beat Your Best Quote
Quote must be with in 7 days and show full postal address including house number/name and postcode and be from a company registrared on relevant databases to perform that service. 

If you require further clarification please get in touch, better to be sure on both sides, before we proceed.